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Jim Avett

Kicks off LAMA Fest

The son of a Methodist preacher and a concert pianist, Jim Avett has been singing and playing guitar for most of his life. He’s done a lot of other things in the meantime – built a business as a welder in North Carolina, served in the Navy, raised three children with his wife – and now he returns to performing and has recorded two albums. In 2008, Avett released his first album on Ramseur Records, “Jim Avett and Family,” a beautiful collection of gospel songs recorded with daughter Bonnie and sons Scott and Seth of The Avett Brothers. He returned this year with “Tribes,” seven original songs that speak of love and loss. When Avett performs, you feel like you’re sitting in a friend’s living room, telling stories and sharing a beer. His performance style is warm and relaxed, genuine and endearing.

  The Overflow Jug Band


Josh Phillips & Suzanna Baum & Elijah Cramer of Folk Festival

Ram Mandelkorn & Jacob Baumann of The Trainwreks
Moses Atwood ,Ben Riva

Overflow Jug Band is an all Asheville “Super Group” including Josh Phillips, Moses Atwood, Jay Sanders, Suzanna Baum, and Ram Mandelkorn, Jacob Baumann, and Ben Riva of the Trainwrecks. Though the music is the loose, fun good time that you would associate with a raucous jug band, the music spans from country to reggae to many things in between. The only rules in this band is that our songs are drunkenly practiced in our Eastview Ave. living room and that they will good folks singing. Come to our shows ready to turn any club into a dancing, drunken good time that you could only expect to have in a hole-in-the-wall pub in Ireland.

Now You See Them

Now You See Them is a super-fun acoustic indie folk/pop trio dedicated to delivering a great time. Appealing to virtually all audiences through beautiful harmonies, slow burning lyrics, and non traditional instruments, NYST combines thoughtfully ironic originals alongside carefully selected covers making their shows a not-to-be-missed breath of fresh air.

Uncle Mountain

Three distinct songwriters with their own styles, Ryan Furstenberg, Ryan Lassiter, and Dan Shearin steer their tunes in different directions until they've reached a destination often that they had never expected. The result is one that they are proud of both in headphones and on stage, blending the organic soul of rock and folk with lively percussion, rich harmonies and colorful textures from all of their favorite music from around the globe.

Underhill Rose

Eleanor Underhill and Molly Rose Reed met at Warren Wilson College in Swannanoa, North Carolina in 2002. These two distinct singer-songwriters constituted the majority of Asheville’s beloved all-female quartet, The Barrel House Mamas with which they cut their first album ‘gathering’. Flown to L.A. for tryouts with The Next Great American Band and trekking to festivals and bars across the Southeast, these ladies braved and blossomed on stages across the country.


Modo is the genre-crossing, rock-heavy combination of Craig Larimer’s sultry vocals and Jake Rosenbloum’s eclectic guitar work. Inspired by the reemergence of electro-pop, the nostalgia of the jazz swagger, and their childhood influence of grunge rock; Modo has begun to make a name for themselves in the vibrant cultural scene of Asheville, NC

Johnson's Crossroad

Johnson's Crossroad is taking their love of old time mountain music, bluegrass, and the Texas singer/songwriters of the 1970s to create a sound that they have coined "Appalachian Soul". The band's original material is steeped in the traditional country themes of lost love, lost fortune, lost time, and overcoming hardships.

Lyndsay Wojcik

Lyndsay Wojcik is a touring musician out of Asheville, NC. Her songwriting is filled to the brim with soul, and is accompanied by catchy melodies, and a unique rhythmic guitar style. You will find your self captivated by her live performances usually performed solo, but a real treat when accompanied by a band.

Grant Dasantos & Fatback

"Grant DaSantos & Fatback" consists of Asheville's finest musicians. Grant DaSantos was most recently the lead singer/ songwriter for local band Kung Fu Dynamite. Grant DaSantos is joined by drummer Mike Gray (of Firecracker Jazz Band); Bassist Ben Bjorlie (of Tuesday Night Funk Jam); & Guitarist David Zoll