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The Events

March 26, 2011 5pm-1am

The LAMA Festival

at  The Grey Eagle

Check out the Bands!

What we have here is the culmination of what happens in Asheville when this incredible community gets together to make a common dream come true. Western North Carolina loves music! It’s simply a fact. We, here at The LAMA Agency are big fans of taking facts and then working with them to create something that truly benefits absolutely everybody involved…Ok, enough of the sappy stuff, back to the culmination part.

Boom baby and Voila! 9 Amazing Bands, Highland’s LAMA Legato Saison on tap, The Grey Eagle (need I say more), pyrotechnics, a petting zoo, a meet and greet with both Zach Galifianakis and President Obama, and a souvenir keychain to commemorate the night. Ok, perhaps we exaggerated a little…not everybody will get a keychain…but everything up until the pyrotechnics is totally true and totally happening! All for a price that’s so low, people are going to think we’re crazy. Save even more money and order your tickets online NOW!

LAMA Fest line up

500-530 Jim Avett
545-615 Lyndsay Wojcik
630-700 Modo
715-745 Grant DaSantos
800-830 Underhill Rose
845-915 Johnson's Crossroad
930-1015 Uncle Mountain
1030-1115 Now You See Them
1130-1230 Overflow Jug Band